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Established in 1991 by visionary Franz Gmeiner, the company has swiftly expanded, embracing a variety of sectors such as health and wellness, energy solutions, and hospitality. Achieving a significant milestone, we made our debut on the Johannesburg Stock exchange (JSE) main board in 2005, later transitioning to the ZAR-X stock exchange in November 2019. Presently, Orion operates as a publicly unlisted entity. 

Since the founding, Orion has consistently excelled across diverse industries, fostering a culture of pride among our dedicated employees and executives. Together, they steer the company with unwavering resolve and creativity, ensuring our continued evolution and success.

Some of the sectors we offer services in:

  • Comprehensive Property Management Services

  • Security Services 

  • Cleaning Services 

  • Energy Solutions

  • Building Services

  • Health and Safety 

  • Project Management

  • Fleet Management

Business Strategy

The Orion business approach is strategically diversified, embracing a multi-category property investment model. Contrary to traditional practices that focus on a singular property sector, our model offers a robust hedge by engaging across multiple sectors.

At he heart of our operations is the pursuit of buildings with established cash flow, which we enhance through renovations, redevelopment, repurposing and tenant mix optimization. Our agile business strategy also involves the timely sale of assets for capital gains, with the proceeds being reinvented into a new redevelopment projects and acquisitions. 

Explore the stability and growth that come with Orion’s strategic property investments. Our solid financial foundation is just one part of what we offer our stakeholders.